600 AED/Daily

    There are some moments in life which you happen to experience more than once; but sometimes you perceive them as completely new, cause your sensations suddenly get brighter and keener.

  • AUDI A8

    900 AED/Daily

    Audi A8 is the official successor of the famous line of Audi V8 cars. Just only appeared on the presentations, after in the Dubai markets and around the world, Audi A8 has already become a sensation.

  • MERCEDES S500 W222

    1,200 AED/Daily

    The World Premiere of Mercedes S500 was held in Hamburg and was one of the most entertaining performances in 2013 of the automotive world. The car was delivered from Stuttgart on Airbus A300-600 DHL.

  • AUDI Q7

    600 AED/Daily

    The first presentation Audi Q7 was in 2005 and from that time model became ?1 for rent in Dubai. The first thing that strikes your eye is the size of this auto because it is really impressive. From the first impression you will get the feeling of massiveness and representativeness of this car.


    700 AED/Daily

    The first generation of Viano automobiles was developed in far 1996 and after two generations the car was changed unrecognizably with an emphasis on comfort and decreasing of using the fuel.


    700 AED/Daily

    The last generation of Land Cruiser first appeared in 2008. Initially the first generation of Land Cruiser was developed as military auto, but after war it was well received by private individuals.


    1,400 AED/Daily

    Dubai is the fastest growing city on the planet with shimmering skyscrapers, luxury cars and thousands of visitors. If you're among the latter, then you can safely assume your journey with a grand opportunity to plunge into the world of dreams. And help you in this can renting a Porsche Cayenne Turbo in Dubai .

  • Lamborghini Aventador LP 700

    6,500 AED/Daily

    The Aventador is the latest supercar created by Lamborghini, and it only takes a brief look at the specs to see how far this motoring giant have come over the last decade.
    We all know Lamborghini makes luxury performance cars, but the Aventador is more like a rocket on wheels, with a 700 horsepower V12 juggernaut under the hood.


    3,500 AED/Daily

    Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4 Spyder is endowed with a unique combination of design, power and exciting performance characteristics and allows its owner to enjoy an open air trip around Dubai. Heavier engine, permanent all-wheel drive, the renewed chassis, magnified performance compared to its predecessor mean that rent of Lamborghini Gallardo in Dubai is worth its money.


    3,500 AED/Daily

    The cabriolet you dreamed of! Ferrari Italia Spider is the cabriolet version of famous Ferrari Italia supercar. The sales of a new cabriolet from Italian company started in 2012. The car was created for them who love to drive with open roof and of course for the people who love Ferrari at all. By the way, this gorgeous car just perfect for rent in Dubai. Ferrari Italia Spider is similar to Ferrari Italia at almost all of the characteristics.


    1,000 AED/Daily

    Tired from the crazy pace of the world, which is tighter addictive in its network? Want to spend a memorable weekend in the most amazing country? Then feel free to go in Dubai - this captivating tale will hospitably open its doors for you! And to feel the freedom and to manage your own time, you need a super-fast car - Porsche Boxster GTS. The one who picks the best car rentals in Dubai, doing the best trip of his life!


    3,500 AED/Daily

    For those who love the rich exhaust note of a V8 engine, there is no experience quite like driving a Continental GT V8 S Convertible. Like its hard-topped sibling, the luxury convertible version of the newest Continental delivers significant improvements in performance over the original Continental V8: an even higher top speed, tighter suspension and improved handling. But it’s the sound of that monstrous V8 engine as the wind whistles past that makes the Continental GT V8 S Convertible such an irresistible proposition.


    3,500 AED/Daily

    The most luxurious nook yet untroubled by the tourist on our planet... And if you plan to spend your vacation in this amazing country, then the perfect solution for you would be to lease a Ferrari California T - the legendary pearl of the Italian automaker, which stores under its elegant appearance a powerful engine with obstinate character. Only the name of this car makes the blood boil in your veins, and in the head emerges the image of a stunning supercar, created seemingly just to make your dreams a reality.


    1,500 AED/Daily

    Captivating Oriental tale. The city which is bathing in luxury sunshine... Still not guessed? This is Dubai, whose splendor and untold riches sheikhs has glorified all over the world! And if you are going to go in Dubai, first you will need to take care of the status car. So, you are in Dubai. Business visit or not - whatever the purpose of your trip in this definitely the most exotic (and certainly the richest) corner of the world, everything has to fully meet to the smallest details.


    1100 AED/Daily

    Besides the 20-inch wheels, a flurry of badges and red brake calipers, there's nothing else on the visual menu, but what really counts is the tune under the hood. The HPE550 package gives the stock 6.2-liter V8 engine a belt-driven supercharger producing 6 psi of boost pressure, together with an ECU remap, air-to-water intercooler system and different gaskets, to lift output from 420hp and 460 lb-ft to 557hp and 542 lb-ft of max torque.


    3,300 AED/Daily

    For those who desire sybaritic luxury and a spirited driving experience in the same ultra-pricey motorcar, the Ghost Series II is your answer. Under the hood topped by the Spirit of Ecstasy is a twin-turbo 6.6-liter V-12 good for 563 hp paired to a satellite-aided gearbox, which uses GPS data to read the roadscape ahead of you, anticipate your driving needs, and shift the transmission accordingly. The interior boasts sumptuous leather seating and handsomely crafted wood veneers.


    4,500 AED/Daily

    The Wraith is derived from the Ghost, but it has its own personality. Fitted with a 624-hp version of the Ghost’s V-12, the wheelbase is shortened, and the fastback body is unique. The Wraith is quicker and sportier than the Ghost, with a light touch to the steering and a gently controlled ride. Rolls-Royce tradition abounds, with rear-hinged power doors, the available Starlight headliner, and a wide array of bespoke options that can launch the already-stratospheric base price into high orbit.


    2,500 AED/Daily

    The V12 Vantage was an unprecedented engineering achievement. Combining a V12 engine with our lightest sports-car in a package of pure aggression. We could have stopped there, we didn’t. An even lighter chassis, an even more powerful engine, an even more responsive transmission. V12 Vantage S – the most ferocious Aston Martin ever produced.

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