Porsche Cayenne Turbo

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1,400 AED/Daily

5,000 AED (Deposit)
Max speed: 279 km/h
To 100km/h:: 4.5 sec.
Engine: V8 twin turbo 4.8 cc.
Model: 2015
Power: 520 hp.
Daily: 1,400 AED
Deposit: 5,000 AED

Dubai is the fastest growing city on the planet with shimmering skyscrapers, luxury cars and thousands of visitors. If you're among the latter, then you can safely assume your journey with a grand opportunity to plunge into the world of dreams. And help you in this can renting a Porsche Cayenne Turbo in Dubai - our service through which the fairy world will open for you its secrets and untold riches.
In 60 of the last century, all what could be found here – it is vast sand which surrounding only one single building and three or four cars which were driving around it. But today the pace of development of this city never ceases to amaze the whole world. Dubai has become a place for the realization of a dream, created by Sheikh who was in love with his own tale.

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