600 AED/Daily
1,000 AED (Deposit)
Max speed: 240 km/h
To 100km/h:: 8.5 sec.
Engine: V6 TFSI 3000 cc.
Model: 2015
Power: 272 hp.
Daily: 600 AED
Deposit: 3,000 AED

The first presentation Audi Q7 was in 2005 and from that time model became №1 for rent in Dubai. The first thing that strikes your eye is the size of this auto because it is really impressive. From the first impression you will get the feeling of massiveness and representativeness of this car. Q7 exceed the cars of Porsche and Volkswagen from the same car class with 30 cm because of the great length (5100 mm). Especially for this car was developed a brand new engine. Its efficiency was increased because of using the system of recuperation of the stopping power, Start-stop system and new eightfold ACT.

900 AED/Daily
5,000 AED (Deposit)
Max speed: 300 km/h
To 100km/h:: 8.7 sec.
Engine: V6 T 2976 cc.
Model: 2015
Power: 333 hp.
Daily: 900 AED
Deposit: 5,000 AED

Audi A8 is the official successor of the famous line of Audi V8 cars.
Just only appeared on the presentations, after in the Dubai markets and around the world, Audi A8 has already become a sensation. Today, it’s available for rent.
Everybody knows it’s not a secret that many engineers try to downsize and to decrease the consuming of fuel. This time it was successfully done. Though the car has much technical equipment it’s lighter than comparable with this car S-class Mercedes.
The carcass was made of special aluminum called Audi Space Frame.

400 AED/Daily
2,500 AED (Deposit)
Max speed: 215 km/h
To 100km/h:: 9,3 sec.
Engine: 30 TFSI 1400 cc.
Model: 2015
Power: 122 hp.
Daily: 400 AED
Deposit: 2,500 AED

Audi, the world-known German company, surprised everybody with releasing new stylish and modern Audi A3 in respectable sedan format. Comfortable auto is very popular for rent in Dubai. The car looks very nice and graceful though it’s made in old and recognizable style, known all around the world. Everything in the car looks very harmoniously, flowing lines of carcass leave a good impression of car’s accuracy and strict appearance. Despite the small size, you wouldn’t feel yourself cramped inside. Audi A3 looks spectacular and positioned as a premium.

600 AED/Daily
3,000 AED (Deposit)
Max speed: 232 km/h
To 100km/h:: 8.9 sec.
Engine: 1.8 TFSI 1798 cc.
Model: 2015
Power: 170 hp.
Daily: 600 AED
Deposit: 3,000 AED

There are some moments in life which you happen to experience more than once; but sometimes you perceive them as completely new, cause your sensations suddenly get brighter and keener.
Rent of Audi A5 Cabriolet in Dubai is one of those cases. Why rental, and not just a trip on such a luxurious car? Because even at first sight, before you get behind the wheel, you realize that it's more than just a new cabriolet.
Spectacular body lines One look at its silhouette is enough to hit the road. The long wheelbase, elongated hood, short overhangs – these.

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