600 AED/Daily

    There are some moments in life which you happen to experience more than once; but sometimes you perceive them as completely new, cause your sensations suddenly get brighter and keener.

  • AUDI A8

    900 AED/Daily

    Audi A8 is the official successor of the famous line of Audi V8 cars. Just only appeared on the presentations, after in the Dubai markets and around the world, Audi A8 has already become a sensation.

  • AUDI Q7

    600 AED/Daily

    No doubt that Dubai is the most amazing city in the world now. Every single thing will impress you here. The biggest shopping mall, the highest tower, men’s made artificial islands where thousands people live now, luxury cars all of these will take you to the Dubai’s Luxury life style. And if you want to experience those feelings in full you will need to hire a luxury car with Riada cars.


    900 AED/Daily

    As its previous generation, New Audi Q7 2016 is a perfect German family SUV car which combines latest technology and modern interior design and dynamic performance. And if you are here with your family or friends, don’t forget to hire Audi Q7 2016 in Dubai and try it incredible power performance along with smoothest and comfortable driving.

  • BMW 750Li

    1 600 AED/Daily

    There is no secret that once you try BMW you will love it more for ages. In the BMW 7 Series, you feel the contemporary and future-orientated atmosphere of luxurious wellbeing. A virtuosic composition of material, light, shape, color and innovative technologies will impress you and bring you unforgettable feeling of driving BMW 750LI.

  • MERCEDES S500 W222

    1,200 AED/Daily

    The World Premiere of Mercedes S500 was held in Hamburg and was one of the most entertaining performances in 2013 of the automotive world. The car was delivered from Stuttgart on Airbus A300-600 DHL.


    2 000 AED/Daily

    The Mercedes-Benz S-Class continues to represent the pinnacle of technological inclusions and motoring design. The V12 S600L sits at the top of the pile. Hire Mercedes S600 AMG in Dubai and you will feel and understand why the S-Class has ranked as the world's best-selling luxury sedan.


    700 AED/Daily

    Mercedes-Benz Viano - family luxury car nines, which with the same success can be an office on wheels, mobile family cottage with a kitchen or a minivan, well suited for trips to the nature with mountain bikes. Hire Mercedes Viano in Dubai will solve many difficulties if you are traveling with family with kids. You can turn passenger’s seats face to face so it will be even more interesting to travel within and outside of city.


    1,400 AED/Daily

    Do you like SUVs and drive fast and do not know how to combine these two concepts. The answer is in front of you. Comfortable, spacious interior SUV, four-wheel drive and high-speed quality exclusive coupe - all this Porsche Cayenne Turbo.

  • Lamborghini Aventador LP 700

    6,500 AED/Daily

    The Aventador is the latest supercar created by Lamborghini, and it only takes a brief look at the specs to see how far this motoring giant have come over the last decade.
    We all know Lamborghini makes luxury performance cars, but the Aventador is more like a rocket on wheels, with a 700 horsepower V12 juggernaut under the hood.


    3,500 AED/Daily

    The cabriolet you dreamed of! Ferrari Italia Spider is the cabriolet version of famous Ferrari Italia supercar. The sales of a new cabriolet from Italian company started in 2012. The car was created for them who love to drive with open roof and of course for the people who love Ferrari at all. By the way, this gorgeous car just perfect for rent in Dubai. Ferrari Italia Spider is similar to Ferrari Italia at almost all of the characteristics.


    1,000 AED/Daily

    Porsche Boxster GTS 2015 is third generation of Boxster line. Fast sport car with 2 luggage boots, 2 electronic adjustable seats and soft convertible roof. You don’t really need special introduction with Porsche Boxster GTS. All what you need to know or to hear is 7 letters which are speaking about themselves. Porsche Boxster GTS for hire in Dubai with 3,5L engine can surprise you with dynamic and ...


    3,500 AED/Daily

    For those who love the rich exhaust note of a V8 engine, there is no experience quite like driving a Continental GT V8 S Convertible. Like its hard-topped sibling, the luxury convertible version of the newest Continental delivers significant improvements in performance over the original Continental V8: an even higher top speed, tighter suspension and improved handling. But it’s the sound of that monstrous V8 engine as the wind whistles past that makes the Continental GT V8 S Convertible such an irresistible proposition.


    3,500 AED/Daily

    The new Ferrari California T was the most aerodynamic car from Ferrari family until F12Berlinetta was created! However until now it still catching eye and admiring glances of passers-by. If you never tried to drive it before, the best way to experience that is to hire Ferrari California T in Dubai for couple of days.


    1,500 AED/Daily

    If you never have been in Dubai before you will probably get surprised why so many G63 AMG on the roads. And the best way to understand it to hire G63 AMG in Dubai. Originally made for military G class has moved to the civil life style long time back. Wild power and high off road performance allowed Gelandewagen- G55 and its new version G63 AMG take a place inside of hearts and mind of thousands men over the world


    1100 AED/Daily

    Whether you arrived with your family or have business trip with your colleagues for the conference you will probably want to have a best comfort for travelling around or between the cities of the UAE. By saying that we mean why not to hire Cadillac Escalade in Dubai?


    3,300 AED/Daily

    Roll Royce is a brand with over 100 year history. It was long journey during which company step by step followed to success and universal recognition of their cars as the best luxury car in the world. Finest finishing and detailing in Rolls Royce Ghost second edition delivers you unforgettable experience and feeling of extreme power V12 twin Turbo engine with the most smooth and silent drive. Riada Hire Car offers you an opportunity to hire Rolls Royce Ghost in Dubai and treat yourself with Dubai Luxury Life Style!


    4,500 AED/Daily

    The Wraith is derived from the Ghost, but it has its own personality. Fitted with a 624-hp version of the Ghost’s V-12, the wheelbase is shortened, and the fastback body is unique. The Wraith is quicker and sportier than the Ghost, with a light touch to the steering and a gently controlled ride. Rolls-Royce tradition abounds, with rear-hinged power doors, the available Starlight headliner, and a wide array of bespoke options that can launch the already-stratospheric base price into high orbit.

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